Business Growth & Investment Modelling

The Challenge

EYOTO™ is the brand name for Aston EyeTech Ltd, who are revolutionising the eye care industry offering the potential for greater efficiencies, wider access, lower costs and better customer experience by fundamentally changing the way services are delivered around the world.

As a new business venture EYOTO™ is focused on the commercialisation of ground-breaking optometric industry technology and solutions.

Balancing the need for positive cashflow and investor support against ambitious growth, profitability and ongoing research and development expenditure, EYOTO™ required a financial planning model to better articulate and underpin evolving strategic plans, operating models and associated funding options.

A single integrated financial model was needed to share with potential investors which was easy to operate, audit and stress test. In turn, providing confidence in future business projections and an ability to secure ongoing financial support at a critical stage in the development of the company.

The Solution

EYOTO™ engaged EWP to design and develop a comprehensive financial planning model mapping monthly profitability, cashflow and balance sheet assets and liabilities over a four year business planning cycle.

EWP’s financial model possessed the capability to run various “what if” scenarios with a range of alternative inputs, test input sensitivity and risks to assess commercial viability until an optimal solution was reached. Model inputs included staff numbers, production costs, forecast unit sales, indexation, foreign currency exchange rates, etc.

The Results

Successful bid for continued growth funding

EWP produced a bespoke intuitive and flexible integrated financial planning model for EYOTO™ within a very short timeframe. The model was successfully employed by the EYOTO Board to make informed decisions on immediate investment requirements, business change and further funding round plans.

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