Our Proposition

Enterprise Workplace Partners (EWP) help organisations understand, improve and  transform their work environments to:

  • Reduce operating costs by intelligently consolidating space
  • Enable a business to grow cost-effectively by maximising the use of existing space
  • Extract greater value from property and facilities management support services
  • Drive sustainability by reducing carbon footprint
  • Improve workforce performance at individual and business team level
  • Enhance employee retention and recruitment by future proofing the work environment
  • Promote better workforce health and well-being by extending work : life balance opportunities
  • Develop ‘in-house’ workplace management teams to maintain change

Let us work with you to create ‘the frictionless workplace™’ that ensures your workforce and business can thrive.

Above: The Frictionless Workplace at Work

Left to Right: Chris Bray, Ian Hutchinson and Ray Windless

About Us

At the centre of EWP’s work philosophy is a shared commitment to deliver a service meeting or exceeding client business goals, of the highest quality, to continually learn and improve.

EWP founders and senior management team, Ray Windless, Chris Bray and Ian Hutchinson have accumulated over 60 combined years’ in the industry, collectively and individually delivering a wide range of innovative workplace change and improvement initiatives.

Workplace Services

Public and private sector organisations face a myriad of challenges. Fiscal pressures, alternative delivery models, intense market competition, mergers and acquisitions, key skill shortages, new technology introduction and more … making an agile and efficient workplace essential.

EWP offer tailored services to address these challenges ranging from total transformation to targeted improvements at any stage in the workplace lifecycle.

Workplace Vision & Strategy

What is the future shape of our business … where are the gaps and opportunities?

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Transformation Programme Management & Assurance

Do we have the capacity or capability to deliver the change and realise the full benefit potential?

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Support Services Optimisation

How can we extract greater value from workplace support services e.g. property and facilities management?

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Workplace Refresh

Are previous workplace changes and investments still relevant?

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Our Track Record

The highlights and results of EWP senior management team engagement can be seen in our case studies. Click on any of the below to find out more:


Successfully securing high technology business funding

Global Financial Services Technology Company

£multi-million investment case and first major UK digital bank contract award

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Your needs?

If you would like to know more about EWP, if you are currently facing workplace related challenges or contemplating a radical workplace change then please contact us.

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